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Why Would a Seller Want to Have a Home Inspection?

Lately, itís hard to make a distinction between shopping for gadgets and decorating a room. High tech plays such a big role in our lives that itís hard to decorate any room without figuring out how to implement the latest tech development in it.

Nowhere is this truer than in the living room. The living room is the central room of the home, and it can play many roles, such as serving as an entertainment room or entertaining guests. High-tech developments are a big part of both and should be chosen with both your aesthetic and your needs in mind.



Security for your family and your home is the most important feature a home could have. Itís especially true for large families with hectic lives when it becomes difficult to track whoís at home and at what time. A gadget called ďwelcomeĒ can prove to be of great help in these cases.

This gadget is basically a face recognition camera you can program to notify you about whoís at home and whoís approaching your property. It wonít bother you if itís someone thatís supposed to be there and it can start an alarm if something suspicious is happening.


Prizm can be described as a simple entertainment device but its additional features make it into something much more. Itís a device used to play music for you but also one that collects information about the music you listen to, the music your friends listen to and the music thatís being played from other devices.

This gives it a context of your tastes in music and itís remarkable in its ability to choose potentially interesting artists for you. Prizm will provide you with an endless stream of music thatís both suited to your taste and made to expand it.

Smart TVs

There are more ways to get quality content on your TV than ever before. Thereís still cable TV and Blue Ray disks, but thereís also streaming thatís taking over and itís the main source of entertainment. The best way for a modern living room to handle this is to try to bring all those sources of content onto a single device. That way, all you need are practical TV wall mounts and you can watch movies, game and stream videos on a single device at the center of your room.

A wall-mounted TV also uses the least space and doesnít take over the room, since one slick black item in the middle of the room usually offsets the design.


LED lights

There are numerous advantages to installing smart LED lights. The first of these is the fact that LED lights are better for the environment and they consume much less energy than your ordinary lights but provide the same or better brightness.

LED lights are also programmable which means you can set the tone for the time of the day or the activity youíre engaging in (such as movie nights or naps). All of these could be preset and once they are done, you simply activate them when you need them.

Personal assistant

A personal assistant such as the one provided by Amazon or Apple can become the central gadget of your home. Itís voice activated and it provides pretty much all the features an assistant would, but itís also connected to all the other smart gadgets you have in your home.

This means you can activate all of your gadgets and control them by using your assistant directly. Your bath, your TV and your emails could all be handled by issuing a command.


High tech living rooms used to be a thing of science fiction and now they are a reality for anyone to have and use. Itís important to think of these gadgets as parts of your overall design process and to implement them based on your aesthetic preferences and the functionality of your home.

They will first and foremost make your home more secure. Beyond that, they can also make your room more adjustable and customizable so that your family can enjoy quality time together instead of handling gadgets and finding those features that suit you. There is, thus, no reason not to take advantage of these new high-tech additions.