Full Home Inspection Services in the Pittston, ME, Area

Rely On Campbell Property Inspections for a detailed examination

Campbell Property Inspections can complete home and small business property inspections in and around Pittston, ME. Our inspection professionals are extremely detail-oriented and customer service-driven, as a great inspection service should be.

For your prospective property, Campbell Property Inspections can complete these inspection services:

General building inspection:

This comprehensive type of home inspection examines the general structure, plumbing, electrical and heating/ cooling systems of your home. This includes a thorough examination of your roof and the other important structural elements of the property.

Lead/radon/mold sampling:

These contaminants are difficult to detect without a professional to seek them out. These potentially harmful elements need to be alleviated before you move into your new home. Knowing where any leaks or instances of lead, radon or mold are occurring will help you eradicate the problem effectively.

Water quality/quantity testing:

You might soon have a new roof over your head, but there’s another vital element that needs to be inspected before fully considering it as your new home. The water is such an important part of your daily routine, so it needs to be inspected for quality, pressure and flow. Campbell Property Inspections can have a detailed report available to you in no time.

For over a decade, Campbell Property Inspections has been a top choice inspection company for Maine residents. Make sure your property is ready to go before you move in – call us today at (207) 441-9802 to set an appointment time with our home inspectors in Pittston, ME.